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I'm trying something new (I love to split-test) so if you were looking for a more corporate looking website, click here.

But I'm a bit sick of the same-old, same-old, I wanted something more personal.  I'm a highly visual reader, a lot of my clients are too and if you like that, stick around!  I think you'll like it! 

Bit of background?  I walked out of my last full time job in May, 1999 and I've never had a boss since.  I even dissolved a business partnership once because it felt too much like a job.  I've divided my time between the UK and Greece while earning 99% of my income online ever since.  So if you care about independence and freedom, I know what that looks and feels like.

Now I help freelancers, specialists and 'real world' business owners to market themselves better online and make much more profit, but more importantly, to build a business that will support them in creating a life they love.  

If you don't know where to start, I can help you learn and avoid the pitfalls.  If you have started but don't know what's working and what's broken, I can help you figure out both of those.  If you've got something going and it's working well, I can help you make it even better.  

Notice the focus on you there, I believe in empowering my clients, not hiding the workings so they are dependant on me.

I do all of that via my Digital Business Accelerator Programme, my "Be Everywhere Online" process and my books, podcasts and videos.  

I also consult occasionally for more traditional businesses who realise that they need to do something different with their marketing and quick! If that's your business, here's how to get in touch.

It's been a wild ride, with some huge ups and downs between Shoreham-By-Sea, near Brighton and Stoupa, in the Mani, Greece with regular speaking gigs in the USA and Australia.  But it's been an adventure that I wouldn't swap for anything because it's brought me to this place, right here, right now and I've never been happier and more content than I am now.  

If you are even remotely interested, you can read the full story here or watch the video of me telling the story on YouTube here.  You can learn something seriously useful for free here and here.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting and I'll look forward to talking to you soon!  

Warm regards


(With Phoebe & Nelson in Stoupa, Greece, 2018)


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