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The “Financial Intelligence 101” e-course was my first-ever wealth-creation education product (before the Money Gym was even invented).  Many people describe it as 'life-changing' and 'transformative' - see below for their stories.

Originally I was on a mission to improve my OWN financial intelligence - I wanted to discover the things that rich people obviously knew that I didn't! - and then, after a while I wanted to share what I was learning.  

Nicola Cairncross

Now obviously, time has moved on and while the Financial Intelligence 101 and Money Gym is still highly relevent, the Covid-19 pandemic has swept the globe causing absolute havoc to our financial systems and many people's finances.  

This has changed the gameplan entirely, bringing forward all the things that 'Rich Dad' author Robert Kiyosaki, 'Gold & Silver' author Mike Maloney and even entreprneurs darling Gary Vaynerchuk have been saying for a few years now.  

There are some very tough financial times coming.  The pandemic was the catalyst but if it was not that, it would have been something else.

The 'money game' was rigged before, with nobody being taught about how money works in schools (why would they?) and with every person who aspired to a better life having to go seeking the answers themselves.

And so I decided to finally write the 'Missing Chapter' to update the existing 'Money Gym' book and audio and if you enter your details below, you will enjoy not just the Financial Intelligence 1010 programme, but you'll also be able to download 'The Missing Chapter: How To Survive & Thrive In 2020 & Beyond'.

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Now I have totally updated the life-changing content and made it available in ways that suit today’s busy, overwhelmed lifestyle, not to mention hopefully make it easy for my own young adults, Phoebe & Nelson, to absorb.

You can enjoy this awesome training in bite-size chunks daily.  Listen or read, and choose to get your content delivered by email or Messenger, whichever you prefer.

All you need to do is open each email (or Messenger bot message), then click the link to read or listen to each new idea daily and just simply think about it during the day.  It will start to change the way you think about money forever.  You'll find you start to act differently with money too.

Covering how to grow a truly abundant, wealthy, generous mindset, how to get rid of debt forever, create a ‘living cashflow forecast’ through to practical step by step instructions on how to safely and easily invest in a real-world business, online business, property and the stock market, but also how to trade crypto safely to grow your money pot.

Before you commit to changing the way you think about money, forever, we thought it would be nice to share some personal stories of the people who helped Nicola test the programme – the original research and development team.  You'll find those below but if you are ready to crack on, here's your links to access this life-changing content.

The one thing that sticks out for me is right at the beginning, the “I will feel wealthy when”…Well, I do feel wealthy now. I don’t know how or when it happened but it was enough for me to feel free enough to leave my job (which was previously my whole identity). The last few months have been a rollercoaster, and my life has changed beyond belief. Today I walked my eldest daughter to her first day at school.

A goal I set but could not see how I would do it given that I would be at work. I now have three properties to let, another I have made £50,000 on following refurb and a plan for expansion. It feels totally real and normal to me so I know I am achieving it. The teacher did indeed appear at precisely the right moment – many thanks Nicola. And I haven’t even started on the other wealth highways.

After less than six months I do indeed have (fin^ncial) freedom – amazing! Part B of the master plan involves freeing my husband from his job – we’re going for Christmas on that one! Corresponding and meeting with so many people on the same path has been liberating and comforting at the same time.

Strangely enough, the path to fin^ncial freedom appears to be a lonely one, yet through the programme I have made some great friends, who all want the best for each other – fantastic!

Anita Simmonds

Freelance Programme Director


What I’ve gained from the FIP has been absolutely invaluable. I’ve changed my attitude and beliefs around money. I no longer have those limiting beliefs that having money is immoral, that it’s at odds with my religious beliefs, that I don’t deserve it, that I have to work hard to acquire it. The debt-busting and compounding modules are excellent – common sense, enlightening, achievable – and have given me real hope for my future financial success.

Being part of the ‘team’ has enabled me to feel inspired by what others are doing especially in terms of property investment. I’m nowhere near that point yet, I might never be but again, it has helped me realise how many of the limitations we have are completely self-imposed and what wonderful opportunities and possibilities there are out there for ordinary (extra-ordinary?) people like me. Passive income was always one of those “yeah, in your dreams” type ideas. And so one of my biggest achievements has been starting Flying Without Wings, my e-course for women.

With your words and wisdom you gave me the belief and understanding – and with the FI Prog and your R&D team you gave me the model to put FWW together - I’ve been amazed and delighted at how positive all the feedback has been. Without your support and knowledge I would simply not have had sufficient belief in myself to do this. So here I am, earning p^ssive income – and how great does that feel (as you would say!)?

You are overwhelmingly generous with your time and your ideas and are nothing but encouraging of others lighting their candle from your spark of knowledge. It’s been another 4am start today. Woke up and thought I could torment myself back to sleep or just get up and get writing the next modules of Flying Without Wings. Isn’t it great to love what you do so much that you get up in the middle of the night to do it?

Marion Ryan, Flying Without Wings & Slimming World Supremo (3 Branches)

Marion Ryan

Slimming World Supremo

Now I…

  • believe that change is possible for first time
  • have far more understanding of the range of options
  • out there
  • have belief that they might actually be accessible to
  • me (v. experts, grown-ups, risk-takers etc)
  • inspired by prospect of getting involved
  • have lost many limiting beliefs
  • less frightened
  • motivated to handle money very differently
  • am sorting out financial problems for the first time

Frankie Eccleston


How important is your financial future? I took an e course where every day a little bit of wisdom and insight helped me understand the options I have for financial success and independence. Nicola has created a course, taking the wisdom of many authors and summarized it for persons just like me.

The best part for me were the parts that focussed on planning and taking actions so that I was just not aware of the options that involved creating wealth, but also moving down the path of wealth creation.

JP Aubele

Agape Works

I’m almost through your Financial Intelligence Programme and I am completely blown away by all the changes and shifts I see taking place in my life! For starters, I’ve been working in Information Technology for the last 5 years making a great living and I also began pursuing my graduate degree in IT recently. It wasn’t until I started doing the work in your program that I really got in touch with how I’m trying to make myself into something I’m not. I will always be a technical geek, but that’s not where my passion really lies. My passion really lies in making a difference in people’s lives, and contributing towards their achieving more personal power and their own personal freedom.

Without your programme, I’m not sure I would have really had the courage to embrace that. At some level I had decided that to follow that dream would mean giving up my dreams of fin^ncial freedom. You gave me the permission I needed to follow my passions, and the courage and confidence to know that I can create fin^ncial freedom doing what I most passionately love to do, too. That decision is already changing my life in profound ways. I am being passionately pursued by a University with what 3 months ago I would have considered a “great” job offer, but is what I now know would be “settling” for me. I’m going to turn the job down.

I’ve already met with the Small Business Development Center and they are helping me develop my business plan. Part of my problem is that I have so many skills and abilities that I could be generating revenue from, and they sent me home with homework to narrow the possibilities down. I have 3 more things left on my shopping list to complete my home office and I should begin my marketing campaign no later than January. That wouldn’t have happened without you.

These shifts have changed my relationship to my current employer, as well. My employer is incredibly disempowering to work for. Their idea of encouragement is to threaten to fire us if we don’t produce the results they’re demanding. They’re treatment of people suddenly seems so temporary and almost irrelevant to my world. I just know that I can, that we all can, go “out there” and create our dreams in spite of them, and I can still find it in my heart to be grateful that they pay me well enough that I can invest in my own business using my discretionary income. What a different attitude than when I first started your program!

Some of the other changes in my life? I’m no longer pursuing a graduate degree in Information Technology; I’m more generous with both the time and money that I share with friends and family; I’m taking two courses that will support me in managing my money and levering my income as a small business owner; I’ve signed up for coaching school; I’m signing up for a graduate program in Mental Health Counselling; I’ve gone back to volunteering with a transformational training company… and I’m passing on the changes to those around me.

But I think the most amazing change in my life has been the shift in my relationship with abundance. I grew up in what I would call dire poverty. We didn’t even know where our next meal was coming from. I’ve spent my entire life struggling to clean up my relationship with money and with success. Outwardly people are impressed and sometimes even envious of the level of success I’ve achieved; inwardly I knew better. I knew my success could be taken away from me without a moment’s notice, and I didn’t believe that I would be able to recreate it – not without a great deal of struggle. I’ve lived in fear of knowing the taste of poverty again.

Name Withheld

By Request

I’d always been willing to take risks; until I had too much to lose, that is. Since then I’ve slowly allowed my life to become a monument to mediocrity. Until now.

The course I’ve chosen for my self is fraught with risk and peril and has the possibility of absolutely miserable failure! And I haven’t had this much fun in years! I can’t explain it, and I don’t think I even need to. Explain it to you, I mean. I think you already know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve declared a vision for my life that is so real and so passionate, that there can be no such thing as failure.

There can be struggle, and disappointment, and setbacks; but not failure. The only failure would lie in not going for it, or in giving up. I am achieving success just by going for it! Any bumps in the road that could come my way suddenly seem so temporary.

Ultimately, I would have to say that your programme is so much larger than Financial Intelligence. Your programme is about creating a life that’s truly worth living. You’ve touched my life in such a profound way that the words I’ve written here cannot even begin to express what’s opened up for me, because tomorrow is a much, much bigger day! With much love.


Tracey A. Turner

I have read every email on the programme, printed them all off and bought (and read) most of the books you have recommended. And I am a very happy bunny.

I started my business last year, and this programme came at both the right and wrong time for me. Right in the sense that I needed to have an attitude change towards money, and wrong because I have loads of ideas and no money to act on them! Still I will get some cars on the wealth highway even if I have to push started them.

I was trying (and it was very trying) to sell my work at a Craft show this weekend. My stand was so small that only one person could man it, so I left my father in charge and sat in the car visioning using a book you recommended. I haven’t finished all the exercises yet, but I realised at lot of my future plans and dreams have been heavily influenced by your e-programme. I wouldn’t have included a buy to let property portfolio, or developing passive income streams this time last year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion group, and I’m only sorry that I couldn’t contribute more to it, but when my business takes off and I have some opportunities to practise what I have learnt I will hopefully be able to share it with others and inspire them in the same way the group has done for me.

I think the biggest turning point in my attitude towards money is regarding property. In fact I am driving my father mad with all my plans and thinking’s. He’s been subjected to ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ too, which he read very fast indeed and then passed it on to my brother. Actually I think my father quite enjoys all the entrepreniual discussion, and keeps watching programmes on wealth creation via property, which he wouldn’t have done before. His idea of an inv^stment strategy is to have everything in stocks and shares and own your own house, but he’s definitely warming up to other options.

So I think for me this programme has been about clearing out the dead wood in my mind i.e. getting rid of old beliefs about money that are no longer relevant to my new lifestyle. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the great new stuff that has flooded in since though, not that I am complaining either! You are definitely right about holding your dream close, I too have made the mistake of sharing only to be greeted with put downs and the like.

Sue Kennedy

Baby & Child Photographer


I have to admit that I haven’t been following or reading the e-programme conscientiously. But I think I have used it in a way that suits me at the moment – in that I found the beginning sections really useful, to get organised, to get perspective and to query some of my beliefs and attachment to my beliefs about money.

Although I have worked with hundreds of people myself over the years in the area of money and their life goals and have come to many of the same the conclusions in this area with many people – in that getting organised and focused in the first instance is often enough to get some momentum to make changes – I still found it useful to have a structure in order to do this again for myself.

Certain areas of my financial arrangements are well sorted – and I often find this with clients – some people are good budgeters, some are good at organising their savings and some make longer term arrangements – but few are actually sorted in all the organisational areas.

Then the sections that address looking forward to creating passive income and investing in property were great to take my money and my thinking to a broader approach. They are great modules, and I look forward to reading them as they arrived. I have found that I have tended to concentrate on the modules that are relevant to me at the moment and have awaited the final module with interest. I have saved all the modules on my system and they are there to be revisited when I need a bit more inspiration or focus in a particular area.

Being part of the R&D discussion group has also been great in that the feeling and knowledge that there are others out there doing the same thing and aiming for the same sort of goals, although in their own way with their own priorities, has been really helpful. It has been inspirational and motivational to be part of such a community, with such a range of resources and knowledge also available and readily shared. It is good to be part of a community where some people are further along the road to fin^ncial freedom and others are not as far, yet.

We all seem to help to keep each other going, with the occasional and apposite words of encouragement and support from Nicola, of course.

Alison McGregor

Ex-Financial Planner

Nicola’s Financial Intelligence e-programme has had a profound impact on my life. Gradually, over the months, I’ve noticed that I’ve ‘changed my mind’ about money.

I’m starting to take it a lot more seriously and have been actively carving out time to read and learn and become more financially intelligent. I’ve even been known to seek out the C^sh section of the Sunday papers and read it avidly – something previously unheard of!! I’m now on the brink of investing in property – which is scary but very exciting.

I realise that my attitude to money was previously based on ‘fear’ – now, although I still find it challenging, I’m determined to make the most of what I have and to create a secure future for myself. Thanks Nicola for your inspiration, wisdom and for making it fun!

Annabel Sutton


I have saved many modules unread….(mea culpa!). But I have been jolted out of my comfortable chair by others that have moved me to take action. 

More importantly I have “met” some wonderful people (Alison, Marion, Julia and so forth) who are now inspiring me further to use my own style, putting a twist on what you have done, and taking it further.  I sense that, had I not been involved in this R&D process I would still be wondering how on earth this coaching business can be made to work!

Thanks for telling me just to be myself, and let others be attracted to me. What a simple yet profound insight!  And your courage, and downright gustiness (new word?) has made me more determined that our dreams (which I have mumbled about for 4 years) are no more than 3 years away, now that I have “lifted off”. Don’t stop now!!!

Dave Scarlett

Financial Planner

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