The Digital Business Accelerator Programme

Make 2020 Your Best Year EVER! 

"In January 2020, I’m launching a brand new integrated workshop and coaching programme that I guarantee will dramatically accelerate the growth of those businesses participating." Nicola Cairncross 

Over the last 24+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of different businesses in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia.  All were seeking to make sense of the internet, to market themselves better online and work out how to add to their bottom line, creating digital products from what they know about, already do or are passionate about.

In this brand new programme, I bring together the best business practices from the startup, SME and digital marketing worlds.

After a couple of years living in, and working from, Greece while getting over a major personal life event, I am now back in the UK and keen to pass on the best strategic, marketing, financial, and personal productivity ideas to even more independent business owners over the next 10 years.

Whether you are a start-up or a more established business, whether you sell physical or digital products, your own products or services or those of other people – this programme will make a huge difference to your business – I know it because 2019 has been a year of growth for my existing clients.

I’m looking for just 20 business owners who want 2020 to be a momentous year for their personal and business development, who want to create extra profit streams, create and build productive teams so that you, the owner, earns more but is not doing everything yourself.

The key words associated with this programme will be


Here's Just One Of The Topics We'll Be Covering...Generating New Leads With Paid Advertising

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Together, we'll ensure your survival & create your "how to thrive" guide through the uncharted and ever changing territory of tomorrow's marketing & business landscapes.

This is a rolling programme.  You can join at any time however, there is a substantial 50% discount for the first 20 participants as they will be helping me iron out any wrinkles in the delivery,   

The year-long curriculum is divided into four logical quarters, each in turn focused on the philosophies of my books "Attract 3.0", "The Money Gym" and I'll also be introducing you to the very best of the high-level concepts and tools contained in such  groundbreaking business books like "Traction" by Gino Wickman, "Great Boss, Dead Boss", "Profit First" by Michael Michalowski and, of course, the legendary "7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey.

I'll be integrating my 24+ years of independent business and digital marketing coaching informed by working with hundreds of different businesses and is constantly updated to reflect current market trends.
Businesses as diverse as:

* award winning business lawyers
* round-the-world superyacht skipper
* international singing coach
* radio presenter / producer
* stock-market trading training company
* house music record labels

* a newly launched private finance company
* independent music publishing company
* hydroponic wheatgrass manufacturers
* cataract eyedrops for dogs & horses
* a boutique hotel
* an empty room in Mayfair
* a global cement specialist
* coaches of all specialities
* a fine dining restaurant
* fitness experts & cycle tours hosts
* an angel healer
* gold & silver options investing training
* clutter clearing and fertility experts...
* and many, many more!

Just Some Of What We'll Be Working On...

  • Designing your business to suit the life you want to live
  • Creating a simple but powerful strategy to achieve that
  • Low cost but effective brand building & marketing for new customers/clients
  • Understanding money and key performance indicators in your business
  • Pricing & simple but effective cashflow management
  • How to deliver a surprising and delightful customer experience
  • How to simply and easily keep track of it all; goals, KPI's & timelines
  • Leadership, management and team-building
  • How to outsource effectively and affordably

I will also be throwing in a strategic dollop of something very special, carefully tailored for the cynical business person and demonstrating why you need to use it (even if you don't initially believe in it)


You will also enjoy new video tuition, any spreadsheets and templates as required.  

In the Digital Business Accelerator Programme You Will Enjoy Access To:



I’ll be delivering full-day, quarterly workshops online via Zoom, with the full recordings available afterwards.

We'll start at 9am UK Time and, taking regular breaks & practical sessions, continue till 5pm.

Attendance by business owners, business partners & Operations Managers welcomed.


You will be invited (in the months between workshops) to attend an hour’s live webinar on a Saturday morning, with the full recordings available afterwards.

At each call, Nicola will facilitate a conversation on topics relevant to the quarter’s workshop and answer direct, specific questions from clients.  Be prepared for straight answers to tough questions!


You will be invited to submit a short weekly tracker report to Nicola, setting out your "Weekly Wins", your planned weekly actions from the previous week, key achievements during the week, any challenges faced and objectives for the following week.

As your coach, I will hold you as accountable as we agree between us in advance for completion of the tracker and I will give feedback and direction each time.


Throughout the programme year, you will have unlimited access to me as your business coach, via the App, the private coaching track in the Forum or by email, WhatsApp or FaceTime as required.

I will act as a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to you and any of your team you require, holding myself responsible for making the next 12 months an outstanding year of progress for you and your business.



At each digital workshop, you will virtually meet with other business owners at various stages of business development – I want the workshops to be relevant for those who may be just starting out on the digital part of their business journey (while being established business owners in the "real world"), those who have established online businesses and are looking to break through a glass ceiling and those who have ambitious growth plans and who want to create a dynamic environment in which both they and their teams can survive and thrive. 

Group Forum

Programme members will have access to the Clicks & Leads Academy Forum - a private place with no distractions - that has many members from different businesses past and present. In that Forum we learn from each other, we share ideas, experiences and contacts.  You'll also find templates, spreadsheets, marketing collateral and Q&A threads – a place where you can ask questions and get rapid answers from your peers and from me.

Private Coaching Track

Unlike many training and coaching programmes at this investment level, you will enjoy a private coaching track where you can share and get help on issues you are not comfortable sharing in public.

Clicks & Leads Academy

During your year’s membership of the workshop programme, you will also benefit from complimentary membership of Clicks & Leads Academy – a revolutionary online learning platform designed to provide participants with video tutorials, Q&A webinar recordings and interviews on the business of success thinking, marketing, money management – you will also have access to any future on-line courses at member’s rates and to our extensive library of templates, spreadsheets etc.


Strategy & Products

Including But Not Limited To

  • The End In Mind
  • Your Business Model
  • Proven Success Vehicles
  • Goal Chunking
  • Low Stress Timelining
  • Monitoring & Adjusting

Marketing & Promotions

Including But Not Limited To

  • Where Customers Live
  • Your Offer That Converts
  • Build A Loyal Tribe
  • Creating Authority
  • Systemised Marketing
  • Outsourching 98% Of It

Finance & Cashflow

Including But Not Limited To

  • How Money Works
  • Getting A Firm Grip
  • Compartmentalising
  • Planning For Future
  • The Profit First System
  • Cashflow Management

Team & Productivity

Including But Not Limited To

  • What To Outsource
  • Finding The Stars
  • Training The Team
  • Two By Two
  • Easy Management
  • Effortless Projects



I want to become the lowest-paid but most valuable team member in your business for the next twelve months.

Your investment will include all four digital workshops, membership of Clicks & Leads Academy (in itself, worth over £60,000 with all the training, mentoring and bonuses), weekly Zoom calls, unlimited group coaching via the Forum, weekly personal tracker report review and feedback.  Not to mention the ongoing private coaching.

The year-long programme will require an investment of £500 per month per business.

To reserve your place on the Digital Business Accelerator Programme starting January 2020, Ia deposit of £500 is required, that will be offset against your Month One tuition fee – all future fees will then be collected in the third week of succeeding months, by online debit via Stripe, our secure payment gateway.

If we end up creating physical workshops due to popular demand, attendance at those will require an additional investment of around £60 per head depending on the venue.


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You can also email me at quoting “Digital Business Accelerator Programme” in the subject line with any questions you may have, in the body of the email.


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