What Is Your Vision For Your Business Success?

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Having A Business Idea Is Easy, But Attracting The Right Customers Or Clients To That Business Can Actually Be Very Hard!

Perhaps you’ve been a freelancer or small business owner for a while now.  Maybe you’ve even had some initial success in attracting customers or clients.  

Those first referrals from friends and family are wonderful things, right?  You don't even have to know how to sell, to close those sales!

But you’re working for yourself now.  It's all on you!

That’s the point, though, right? That’s who you want to be. A business owner… someone who does things exactly as they want them to be done, someone who nobody can tell you what to do.

And you hear that all the time on social media.

“Being an entrepreneur is wonderful, you make all the choices, it's about being independent and free, it's all about you!”

Which is true.


That's the downside too.  It's all about you.  The buck stops here!

Perhaps you're doing better than just OK.  But you’re still unsatisfied.

Because the truth is, you don’t want to be sitting around half the time, not doing the thing you are meant to do.  You know you can make a difference to so many people, but how on earth do you find them and then communicate to them that you can help!

You don't want to just be a freelancer or self-employed.  You want to be a 'real' business owner,  ideally one who doesn't have to work 'in' your business all the time.  You want to become a successful business owner.

You have now grasped the difference, perhaps you have read or listened to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and realised that you are still firmly on the left hand side of the Cashflow Quadrant!

You know you need to step up your business game, to go pro, to get systems in place, hire some help and get all ship shape and business fashion.

But you are scared.  You don't know what to do first.  You don't know what will work for your business!  

You know you need to attract some more clients first, that will help you pay for what you need.

So you’re trying to do some marketing, you have heard that social media marketing is where it's at, but the dribs and drabs you've tried occasionally on your favourite platform isn’t working. 

Worse, you always feel like you should be doing more!

You're not afraid of hard work, but you have realised you simply don't have a clue what to do, when to do it, or even what will work for your business.

You might have taken part in a few free 'Challenges', or even invested some small amounts of money in an ebook, an email or video training course, but you gave up discouraged, because it didn't give you all the parts you needed to make it work and you don't want to have to puzzle it all out yourself.  

Really, you need more structure.  You just want to be told exactly what to do!  

Perhaps you are ready to invest a bit more in a good training, but you are worried that you and your business won't fit into a 'one size fits all' programme or that you won't have time to put it all into action yourself.

You worry that you might not get any support, you won't get any feedback, or that the feedback will be to do things that make you feel a bit squirmy.

And so you keep sitting down at your desk on the 'working ON your business' days.  You stare at your screen, wondering what to do, what will work, what will make the difference for you and your business.

What exactly will bring your ideal customers or clients to you, rather than you having to search frantically for all of them...?

If Only Someone Would Tell Me Exactly What To Do!

Your time is so precious and I bet you always feel as if you don't have enough of it.  

Especially if you are a female business owner.  You probably feel pulled in many different directions. 

If you are seeing any degree of success, any time you do have is probably divided between delivering your product or service to clients, then trying to keep on top of your house and family

The last thing you want to do with your time is to diddle about on social media.  Not to mention how distracting it is, it's really hard to get onto any social platform without getting sucked in to what everyone else is doing.  It's not your fault, it's designed to make you feel good if you do that.

And then when you do remember what you are supposed to be doing, you don't exactly know what to do with the 30 minutes you have left before the next pull on your time appears.

You know your business could be great, all it needs is some great marketing, surely?

If only you knew what great marketing looked like!  

I've Been There, I'm Just Like You

My name is Nicola Cairncross.  When I first started my first real business, after a long string of freelance failures and dismal jobs over fifteen years, I had two small children, Phoebe age 4 and Nelson age 2.

Worse, two years later, I was now a single mum - with the same two small children, now 6 years and 4 years old.  

At least they were both at school now, so I had between 9.30am and 2.30pm to run, promote and deliver my business.  I zoned my days and got to work!

I didn't know it then, but I had just started my first six-figure business, The Money Gym, but it was more by luck than judgement that it worked so well, I was still learning on the job.

However, I did learn fast and over the next few years I started and ran (for myself and others) several others businesses that did very well - and some that didn't. 

Over the next 15 odd years, I also coached hundreds and hundreds of businesses, of all shapes and sizes.  None of them were the same, but they all wanted to attract more customers and clients.

The winners all had several things in common.

What Does A Great Business Really Look Like?

I've been helping 'real world' and online businesses start up and then market themselves better online for over 24 years now.  Some of the businesses I've worked with are:

* award winning business lawyers
* round-the-world superyacht skipper
* a singing coach
* radio presenter / producer
* stock-market trading training company
* house music record labels
* hydroponic wheatgrass manufacturers

* a jazz singer
* cataract eyedrops for dogs & horses
* a boutique hotel
* an empty room in Mayfair
* a global cement specialist
* coaches of all specialities
* a top end restaurant
* fitness experts & cycle tours
* an angel healer
* gold & silver options investing training
* clutter clearing and fertility experts...
* and many, many more!

What Do Winning Businesses Do Differently?

I've given this question about what makes a great business a LOT of thought over the years!

First of all, I think that there is no one single blueprint for a great business.  But the winners do have certain things in common.

Great businesses are ones that not only make money for the owners but which suit their owners temperament, skills, aspirations and lifestyle. 

So many businesses are started where the business owner finds 'financial success' but then realise that they are absolutely miserable!  

In the same way, so many great marketing plans are created but then abandoned because the execution of that plan makes the business owner absolutely miserable!

What Does Great Marketing Really Look Like?

This is actually a lot more simple than you may expect.  Here are the qualities of a great marketing plan:

  • Your marketing must solve a clear and pressing problem for a big enough group of people.
  • Your marketing must speak to just one person withing that group of people (and they should be able to easily afford your solution).
  • You must know where to find those people.  Ideally, large quantities of them.  Online because it's more efficient.
  • If possibly, your marketing must tell a story.  The story of your product or service, your journey story or, at the very least, your customers stories.
  • You MUST only get involved in the marketing so far as doing the bits that ONLY you can do. Read that again.  This means that you work out the parts that only you are uniquely qualified to do and outsource the rest.  Or it simple doesn't get done.
  • You need a Marketing System to deliver the right marketing, to the right people at the right time AND you need to be willing to invest in that Marketing System because you are not going to get it right, first time.

Without A Marketing System You Don't Really Have A Business!

According to Michael Michael Michalowski, the author of the book "Profit First" that is taking the business world by storm, you need to think of your Marketing Budget as a "Cost Of Doing Business" not an "Overhead".  

Which means that you gear UP your marketing as you become more successful.  You start with a budget and you are willing to re-invest some of the profits from your existing business to ensure future business.

Because without Marketing, and ideally a Marketing System, you don't HAVE a business.

We suggest that you set a marketing budget that is between 1-5% of your turnover.  If you don't have a business up and running yet, you might want to budget for 5-10% of your desired annual turnover in Year 1.  

That will allow you the wiggle room to test different routes to get in front of your ideal future customer or client.

However, don't despair, if you are just getting started and really have to keep your outgoings to an absolute minimum, we have created a brilliant, simple, proven system for marketing your business yourself, online.  In under 20 minutes a week!

Before I Share That System With You, I Want To Talk About The Secret War Going On Inside Of You!

Have you ever read "The E-Myth Revisited?" by Michael Gerber?  

No?  I suggest you go and buy it right now!  When it was published in 1986 it completely changed the way most business owners looked at their businesses.

Essentially, Michael Gerber suggests that, in every successful business, there are three main people needed.  The Visionary, The Manager and The Technician.

Unfortunately, most people who start businesses are The Technician (but they really need to be The Visionary).  Very few are Managers.

Worse, I've discovered that the qualities of the ideal entrepreneur fight against the qualities of the person who needs to run the ideal marketing system.  

You - like me - will NEVER be the best person to run your own marketing system but there's some really good news for you.  

If you would like, I can help you design it and then we'll find the ideal person to run it, together.  A Manager type.  Someone who loves to get tasks done, to tick boxes, to do things, over and over, beautifully.

So that your Marketing System will work.  So that the tasks that make up the machine will actually get done, over and over again, perfectly.

Giving you more time to be The Visionary.  To be the Technician if you want to be. 

To enjoy your business and your life, knowing that your future ideal customers or clients are going to be able to find you easily, get to know you easily and buy from you more quickly.

Here's How I Discovered The Ideal Marketing System For Small Businesses

I was the Technician in my businesses for many, many years.  I was a Freelancer not a Business Owner.

Every business I've ever been involved in setting up suffered from one crippling problem.  

A lack of investment capital.  No investment capital means no marketing budget.  

Now you could argue that a lack of resources makes you more resourceful and to some extent I would agree.  But it sure slows things down!

Even when I've worked for bigger companies, even the time I worked for one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I've ever met - Bennie Gray of The Space Organisation - there was one fundamental problem.

They all regarded marketing as an overhead, not a cost of doing business.

So by the time I got to the place where I was setting up my own businesses, ArtistManager then The Money Gym, then The Acacia Hotel,  I was well versed in how to market a business online with practically no investment to put to marketing.  I had created my own online marketing system.

Then when it was time to set up ROARlocal.com for Neil Asher I had this system down pat and we went from zero turnover to a six-figure Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in under three months flat.

What made it happen so fast?  

He was willing to invest a little bit of cash in Facebook Ads.  Not much, but enough to really add some rocket fuel to the system I had started to call the "Be Everywhere Online" Marketing System.

Neil started using my system again, when he started his new Amazon business and he invited me to Australia twice to share my system with his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs.

So I had lots of proof it worked for me AND the people I had started businesses for.  

What about others?

And It's Not Just Me...

Why Is This Marketing System Different?

There are a lot of “systems” out there for marketing your business better. And there are a ton of free resources and self-proclaimed marketing gurus.

So why isn’t any of that working?

The problem comes when you try to use a free or low cost system and you hit a roadblock.

And then it’s impossible to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

3 Things That Are Ensuring That You Are Currently Totally Invisible Online

  • You haven't zeroed in on your most profitable customer or worked out what pain they are feeling (that you can solve)
  • You haven't worked out how to regularly create content - in an efficient and enjoyable manner - that speaks directly to that pain and present you as the best solution
  • You haven't systemised (and ideally outsourced) that content creation and distribution so it simply doesn't get done. 

I'd Like To Introduce You To The "Be Everywhere Online" Marketing System

If you know my story already, you can skip the first 10 minutes or so of this recording.

Download The Blueprint

Download The Ticklist

Need More Info?

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Why Is The "Be Everywhere Online" Marketing System Different?

This isn’t some new trick on how to game the social media platforms in a magical way. The "Be Everywhere Online" converts the tried and tested methods of Attraction Marketing and Direct Marketing from pre-internet days into practical application for the digital world.

You don’t have to buy Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, Rich Schefren's Business Growth System, Traffic Genesis' Facebook Ads Formula System - because Nicola already did. And she’s integrated the best of their seminal ideas into the "Be Everywhere Online" system for you.

There are hundreds of books, blog posts, and programs out there promising to make you a better marketer. A lot of them are free!

So what makes "Be Everywhere Online" worth the investment?

There are three fundamental things that set "Be Everywhere Online" system apart from the rest:

  • It's Been Built & Tested Over 24+ Years With Many Different Business Types
  • It's NOT A 'One-Size Fit's All' Methodology - We Work With Your Strengths
  • It Can Be Used Over & Over Again.  Different Products, Different Customer Avatars

Here's A Peek Inside The Clicks & Leads Academy

The "Be Everywhere Online" marketing system training lives inside the Clicks & Leads Academy.

Inside the "Be Everywhere Online" training section you will find a "21 Day Challenge" version of the system,

Then, in the main training section, you'll find 100+ hours of high-definition video taught by Nicola Cairncross, along with the exact spreadsheets, PDFs, and other tools she uses to apply the "Be Everywhere Online" methodology.

In the Challenge, Nicola walks you from the beginning of working out who your FIRST ideal client might be, all the way through exact step-by-step methods for creating compelling, useful content to how to spread your content far and wide over the Social Media platforms your clients enjoy.

You'll tackle ONE Ideal Client Avatar per 12 weeks, so don't worry about being pinned down too soon.

Clicks & Leads Academy is set up in an bright, cheerful, easy to follow Forum Style layout with 'breadcrumbs" at the top so you never get lost!  You'll start at the Members Home Page and then delve into the Awesome Training Courses Section to find the "Be Everywhere Online" 21 Day Challenge then the full video training course..

You'll ask your questions under the relevant video, or if you have questions specific to your business, you can either turn up at our Thursday Live Q&A Webinar, or email them in to get them answered live on the webinar.   Recordings are always uploaded to the Forum by the weekend.

You'll be able to access all of this on Desktop or on our App for iPhone & Android Users by the way!

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The "Be Everywhere Online (In Under 20 Minutes A Week)" course includes full step-by-step "look over my shoulder" video tuition from Nicola on how to create engaging content for your ideal customer and literally be everywhere online, without it consuming your free time.

The training is delivered via Membership of Clicks & Leads Academy, which also includes all Nicola's previous trainings including

"The Money Gym", "Ultimate Facebook Ads Bootcamp" and "How To Have Your Best Year Yet"

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