Six Figure Mentors – Is It Another MLM Scam?

Brace Yourselves!  Big Launch Alert! By Friday you will have heard all about the Six Figure Mentors.  Is it a scam though?

I was approached to become a “Founder Member” by someone I know, like and respect.  They are heavily involved with the Six Figure Mentors launch, as is Daniel Wagner, who I also know, like and respect.  Daniel is one of the “good guys” in Internet Marketing mentoring, he really seems to care if his students succeed and I know that many of them do.

So I got some more info from this person and watched a short video (I’m not going to link to it – you can find it all over YouTube and Facebook).    I know it includes hosting and website production tools among lots of other things.

All well and good you may think….except I don’t need hosting and website production tools.

However many other people do, and it’s a slick looking operation.  Sortof Kajabi (which I tried out and did a full independent Kajabi review here) meets affiliate marketing meets coaching meets MLM)

Even then I was still thinking about it….I have a big responsive list and I’ve always wanted to make MLM work, as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki both say that, if they were starting again today, knowing what they know know, they would start an MLM company.  And believe me I’ve tried, everything from water filters to Success University.

And if I can’t make MLM work, with my marketing and sales skills, my speaking ability, my mailing list….but I’ve always put that down to my lack of consistency and my horror of HAVING to do anything on a repetitive basis.

And then I remembered what my business partner in The Money Gym, Judith Morgan, herself a qualified accountant and genius with figures, always says about MLM.  It’s an awful lot of work for not very much profit margin. And worse than that, you are building someone else’s business but not your own business. The rug could be pulled at any time.

(The only way to avoid that happening is to maintain an independent mailing list on an independent list host like aWeber or GetResponse for example, squeeze your prospects through your own page first, then jump them to your MLM optin page).

And then it hit me again!

Robert & Donald said they would START an MLM company, not JOIN one.

Aye, and in the course of the conversation……then came the rub with The Six Figure Mentor deal!

You can only make money from commissions if you join.  Totally different to affiliate or internet marketing.

And you only get paid your commissions if you stay joined.  Even if you are not using or getting value from the product.

So it’s MLM dressed up as internet marketing mentoring.

Well, it was only a matter of time.

The internet marketing industry is getting more and more popular and more and more hyped, with people on large seminar stages using all the same emotional tricks that the MLM people use to motivate and sell – all the NLP, hypnotic language etc.

And there is a lot of people selling absolute rubbish in the internet marketing space, believe me.

So I’m not saying that The Six Figures Mentors is wrong, or a scam or anyway underhand.  In fact, knowing Daniel and the people who introduced me, I think it will probably deliver enormous value.

If you really can’t manage to learn how to buy a domain name, install a wordpress blog, add valuable content, build a mailing list, create a product, recommend other people’s products, sell advertising or sponsorship, and then eventually share your learning, which is essentially how you make money online, then paying $97 a month to follow a proven system and get support from your peers…….well, it will probably help you.

The thing that worries me is that everyone will be locked in, regardless of whether they are getting value, and having to keep paying, in order to keep making their commissions.

And I would just PERSONALLY prefer to make my money recommending something that I actually use myself, and where I’m not locked into making a recurring payment in order to claim my commissions.

If you want to find out how to make money from Affiliate Marketing then you really should check out Sarah Staar’s excellent Affiliate X training.  Sarah is one of my Mastermind buddies and I know she’s on the level.  Affiliate income is not one of my specialties, but I bought Sarah’s course when I wanted to learn how to do it better.  I mainly concentrate on Facebook Ads via my business and helping real-world business owners and freelance consultants and professionals make more money online from the things they already know about, do or love.  I do that here at

There’s my own initial thoughts – my independent review – on The Six Figure Mentors.

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  • essie

    good post – exactly the same reason i did not take them up on my invite to be a ‘founding member’ also. As you say, I think it will be informative if you are a newbie – to learn all the stuff – but you can learn it for free on the net without being tied in for the commission and trapped flogging a system where loads of other people are doing the same – saturation breeds indifference. I think to be honest, Stuart Ross took the idea from YourNetBiz – where he had his successful launching platform into the IM world and thought ‘why not – recurring passive income from all this downline’. If he wants to walk that route then success to him – but its not for me.

  • trayt

    thoughtful open-minded post, i especially like your “revelation moment” 🙂

    tanks for taking time to write this!

  • pd1

    That’s right, I signed up and found that they didn’t even want to give me any auto responder messages to put into my own autoreponder trying to force me to use aweber only. They also did not provide anything they promised on the sales pages other then trying to upsell to $2000 courses. I think they take the new guy without any desire to speak up or out to a contact or lead and tell them that they need to do this and that but not do anything on their own unless they get a piece somehow or another. I agree that if you wanted to market their product you should be able to as that’s what they say…they teach only if its on their terms and conditions. I would suggest people stay far away from them as its geared up to take a large amount of money from you a bit at a time…Shame on Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. They are very misleading and want everyone at a paid level of $2000 plus before they provide many things such as web site tools and training. I found Daniel Wagner to hate anything to do with a refund question and he said that’s not important..I reminded him if it was not it sure is on a lot of sales pages even Stuarts too…But they all seem to twist a lot.

  • Quick get in now before the chance is gone. The issue is not how quick it will be gone but how disappointed you will be after another month of that hard slogging work that results in a dreary wage slip with no hope….

    That is exactly the kind of spiel that these people put into their “Copy” to get people hooked. Thankfully I studied NLP a few years back (Rarely used) and can spot their tactics a mile off.

    Your suggestion to keep on affiliate marketing is a much better honest way to make money online. Thanks for the review…

    • Thanks for your comment Jason, I totally agree that it’s better to build a business that you have control over rather than one that could be closed down at any minute.

  • Anel

    Should i join or not?

    • NicolaCairncross

      What do you think Anel, after reading my article? MLM or Affiliate Marketing? MLM has it’s drawbacks but IF you sign up under some good active mentors, you have a better chance of making a success of it. Affiliate marketing has less restrictions and you don’t have to keep paying your fees to get paid your commissions but you are on your own, unless you hire a great Affliate marketing mentor like my friend Sarah Staar (aff link – of course!)

  • neo57neo

    Thanks for the honest review. This was much easier to understand as I heard of them the first time rather than going through their glorified website.

  • ours2share

    Well I signed up and everything went haywire… purely because I did not listen. Yes I have a wide variety of experience in MLM and social media [ I was around before Facebook and Twitter]. So here’s me thinking I must know something right. However I am nearly 5 months in and what have I found… A heck of a lot about myself holding me back in personal and professional life. What have I got so far from SFM and DEA… community support and friendship, inclusion and no hard sell do this or that. If someone was to tell me what I was missing out on I would not believe them. The so called professional before this time do not mind if you are left behind… that is the kind of scary dog eat dog atmosphere out there. SFM and DEA are different. Think collaboration as well as Halocrastic [ flatline management] where everyone pitches in to help and lend a hand to others. Believe me when I tell you you really are missing out on things. Catch up to me if you want an honest review… better yet just catch up. Written by Susan Connor Lewis

  • ours2share

    Interesting. I wrote a comment in support of the Six Figure Mentors right here. The description was not in accordance with what you decided to right. Okay. That figures. However Nicola when you take off someones hons=est opinion thus allowing only opinions that suit and support your opinion you are censoring the right of free speech are you not?

    • I think you’ll find it is showing below. It might have taken a while to clear because the person reviewing it might have struggled to work out if it was a real comment or not because it seemed a bit jumbled, a bit like spam comments come out sometime. But they eventually passed it, but not quick enough for you, it seems. I think you will also find that there is no such thing as “free speech” on someone else’s blog. I wouldn’t expert to come to yours and be able to say whatever I liked, however, I do encourage discussion on mine and would never not publish a comment if it disagreed with my viewpoint, unless it was rude or abusive.

    • ours2share

      Thank you for your reply.

      Yes discussion is good….so to is the ability to scroll down when opinions are placed out of sequence. The opinions are true and still hold as I found out to my cost re time factors… if the instruction are not read well, nor listened to, then things do not happen according to your plan. They tend to go haywire instead.

      The self transition’s people find within themselves are also important.

      You have fun with your point of view Nicola. Each to their own as we travel within an incredible journey involving our life’s decisions, ethos and outcomes.

  • Bart VonDoom

    I’ve been a member of SFM for 3 months, and I cancelled my membership last month. I was a total noob to internet maketing, and i have to admit the trainings they provide (modules + archived training courses + live webinars) are far from bad. I learnt a lot about all the basics, and a few extra advanced technics, and their Digital Business Lounge (which consists of a hosting service for wordpress websites, premium wordpress themes and a few marketing tools like a tracking software and a lead pages creator) puts it all together in one place and seems brilliant. That is until you really start building your website, and realise their themes are not working as they are outdated, then contact their support “wonderful support team” (as they call it) only to find out they are inexistant (Themes they provide come from, they told me I had to contact them to get a solution to my problem (unbelievable when you pay for support, right) when I came back to tell them the solution was to upgrade the theme to the latest version it took them 4 days to upgrade it when this takes only 5 minutes). While doing your modules, you have a “business consultation” with someone called Mark H. to speak about your business plan and ideas…well in my experience it wasn’t really the case, as all that mark did was trying to make me upgrade to minimum silver level ($2000 per year) and when I told him I didn’t have that much money, and I wasn’t interested in promoting SFM but was really willing to start my own business and promote other products, he told me that was not the way to become successful, that i would fail if I wasn’t willing to invest in my training, etc, etc… Seeing I stood my ground, he simply told me he was late on his schedule and ended the “business consultation” early. After these few experiences with their staff, I really started to look online for other mentors/trainings and discover a lot of more advance thing totally for free on youtube or marketing websites, I also realised that I could have something close to their DBL for not even a quarter of the cost, using different providers and softwares. So, to conclude very honestly, I learnt quite a lot from SFM in the first two month, so I can testify the value of their initial trainings (modules) and they do have some wonderfull coaches (the guys from Satori Prime really know their stuff, and are very accessible) but to my mind, not enough as most webinars are people who know each others (and you don’t) patting themselves in the back and speaking about their Miami retreat, etc… and of course mentioning that success will only come if you upgrade. I would end saying that there is a lot of potential in the SFM, but the lack of technical support and the fact that 2/3 of their staff is simply trying hard to make you upgrade ruins the whole thing completely.

    • Thanks for such a detailed and honest comment Bart, which can only help other people who are considering MLM as an alternative to affiiate or info marketing. Do you feel able now to move forward yourself, and have you had a look at all my free videos? I have two sets particularly that you can enjoy with no fees, one is called the “Fast Start Masterclass” and you can access it here and the second, you’ll get offered about 3 weeks into my mailing list autoresponders system, called the “3 Secrets Of Business Success” which I really should charge for, it’s so good. Yes, I’ll make you offers to join me in my mentoring BUT you will get a LOT of value from the free stuff too. Good luck and don’t give up!

  • I know this post is older, but I had to chime in. I’ve been a professional marketer for most of my adult life. I’m still a relative newbie in the online space, but I’ve certainly evaluated my share of home business opportunities over the past 2+ years. I settled on High Ticket Direct Sales as a model that seemed to make the most sense to me and have done extremely well with my business. I stumbled upon SFM/DEA just a few weeks ago, and immediately was attracted to the quality of the marketing message and the sincere approach that both Jay and Stuart have in presenting what’s possible.

    Jay & Stuart are both legends in the dot com world. The fact that they have engineered and executed on a HUGE vision has to be commended. For people like me who are smart and LOVE big paydays, their model makes a lot of sense. Why reinvent the wheel when you can plug into their system, leverage their brand equity while you build your own, and build your own list using their funded proposal, upsells, marketing funnels, tools, training, community, coaching, support?

    I’ve seen alot of business models, but what they have put together, combined with what they are in the process of rolling out makes for an incredible business opportunity for smart people who get that the money is in the list. The spirit of all their training and education focuses on this one very key point.

    I’m done ranting. For anyone that doesn’t see the power and potential of their business model , you’re missing out. So far, I’m having fun and learning alot and loving the community and the people involved with SFM.

    • NicolaCairncross

      It’s called “sharecropping”. You are building your business on someone else’s platform over which you have no control. If that doesn’t worry you, it should.

  • Thanks for this. I am absolutely not interested in MLM. I have been a top seller before in an MLM and made the first breakthrough level in a matter of hours in oneof the programs I was in so I know it can work. However, it’s a lot of work that doesn’t necessarily pay off for most people. When I entered MLM I wanted of course financial freedom but not at the expense of others.

    Anyway, SFM caught my attention as it taught more about advertising and marketing. I am a voice over artist and copywriter and always wanting to learn more so I can give my customers greater value. But if I’m paying $25 a month just to recruit other people, then SFM is not the platform I need. Thanks for your review

  • Kenny Tham

    THANKS for the honest sharing it answered those little questions that were at the back of my mind when I came across SFM . I am looking for an internet business model and not a MLM commitment. I would pay reasonable access fees for value to run a business.The current SFM does not seems to fit those needs.

  • I have just heard about The Six Figure Mentors by Facebook yesterday, and decided to sign up, just to know what´s it about. Read it is just about 30€ first and a one-off time 279eur to join them. Is that true? You are talking about paying constantly, which is different..

    • AbdiRahman Mohammed

      Hi Chris, have you received the free list building report and seven day videos yet from the SFM.

    • NicolaCairncross

      You have to keep paying monthly fees to get your commissions from folks you introduce. That’s how MLM’s work.

  • Francis Runzel

    Hi. I am an ex affiliate.
    This is how it works. You pay $25 for app fee. I didn’t though.
    I paid the $297; and then was billed $97 recurring. In the first 10 days, I was given an exclusive offer to become Elite and make 40% commision. I signed up. After that crickets. They were talking to me everyday, skype calls from this guy, support making sure I was setup. I make the payment. Crickets, no more auto support. The slap in the face, was when I found out, it’s a yearly recurring sub of $2500 to be elite. WELL SHIT FOLKS YOU NEED SOME BETTER LANGUAGE, because no one in their right mind would spend $2500 YEARLY if you told them it was yearly. Stay. Away. Stay far away. They are losing many members, and now taking legal action against old members trying to give their current members products with better value. They know they have a crap product and want to keep as many people blind, and in the dark as possible. I can’t sit idly by and let it happen. I’m sorry.

    • Francis Runzel

      I’ve been doing critical thinking of how they work.
      They appeal heavily to “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. They make it seem like this offer is the law of attraction and these people attracted such an opportunity into their life. They have numerous NLP masters working for them. (I’ve read a ton on hypnosis, language patterns, NLP, etc). They keep approaching the product and what you’re getting, but always deflect to their success and how much money their students have made (mostly because people are obligated to lock into an overpriced subscription, and many HOPE to make some money on it SOMEDAY). They continue that, by making the Attraction Visualization, where you spend time imagining your perfect life, and what it would feel like. All this emotionally driven imagery gets people fired up,.. into buying and losing. I think the main people they get, are ones unfamiliar with the verbiage and terms they use. Now that I am familiar, I see way better free content than what I paid for with them. Be super wary. The funny thing is, the “mentor” I had, which was my referer (the person who paid for the ad); could never answer me with practical answers. He always gave me vague empowering phrases that every fucking modern guru uses, when I had a legit problem. So, as I’ve read on another site, the issue with the mentors you get, is that they may have no idea what they’re doing themselves regarding marketing etc. Or they could directly copy the CEO and founder, using vague, inspiring language hoping that sates you and you leave them alone.

      The CEO has a journal entry, dated 2-29-02 that he uses to appeal to The Secret crowd. On it, he listed all these things he wanted to accomplish in his life. He then shows us how he did achieve all of them. He however, conveniently ignores the fact that 2/29/2002 did not exist. All in all I give 1/10. I can find handfuls of places I would give money to before them.

  • Francis Runzel

    I had to delete my comments because SFM said they would take legal action against me.
    Take that how you will.