Chris Ogle’s Internet Marketing Journey – Part 1

chrisogle2.pngLooking back to the 26th or so of April 2008, when I joined Money Gym Gold Level, I realise that I have come quite a long way in 7 months. At that time I knew almost nothing about Internet Marketing except rumours that people were making quite a lot of money from this new phenomena.

It is also a twist of irony that I run a business which is pretty much entirely web based and that even with this knowledge somehow I had managed to remain fairly naive about what was going on.

True to my character however once I realised that this was something I needed to understand, I set about becoming a guru in 6 months, not perhaps adept at everything but at least a good understanding of what Internet Marketing was and how it all fits together.

I still remain a relative ‘newbie’ to the Internet Marketing scene and so I have not lost sight of the difficulties that I had trying to grasp the whole concept at the outset. The sheer volume of information and different sources of ‘Must-Have’ knowledge is very daunting when starting out. This article can perhaps serve as a small guide for those now embarking on the same journey that I’ve been on, and maybe speed up the process and shortcut the learning curve a little.

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that you can’t tackle everything from day 1! There is isp_1.jpga logical sequence to building an Internet Business just it is so difficult work it out on your own with information flying at you from all angles. There is stuff you just have to know straight away and other things that can come on stream as your business and understanding develops. So below I have put together 7 simple steps that help to break down the whole thing into a manageable process anyone can follow.

Step 1

The first step is to either (a) Find your niche, (b) Develop someting in your area of expertise or (c) apply Internet marketing to your current offline business.

Once you have defined this, you may need some help in planning how to tackle what you want to do. There are many tools available Blogs (multiple blogs), Web Sites, Member sites etc. and you need to work out which tools are best for your project and how it’s going to fit together. This is like architecting the foundation, the difficulty is that you need to understand Internet Marketing to plan it in the first place! So my recommendation would be to seek some advice, you could save yourself some blind alley experiences.

It is a good idea before you move on from step 1 to also start exploring Keywords for your project. These are words or phrases that people use to search the internet for what they are looking for and hopefully find you! We’ve all used Google and Yahoo so we are already users and know what we type in to find the things we want, now you have to start thinking about what you would type in to find your internet venture. You will need to then use these keywords in all your content and web based activities. Ideal keywords are those where people use them to search but where the phrase doesn’t appear on too many competitors pages. Luckily there are some great tools to assist with this process!

Oh, nearly forgot, you are going to need help when Internet marketing, it is a good idea at this stage to find a group or forum who you can relate to and who will provide invaluable feeback and assistance as you stumble through the early months !

Step 2

Put down the foundation stones of your Internet Marketing. This means getting a presence on the Internet. You are going to need to get familiar with a raft of Social Networking sites, communication tools and start to think about your Blog. If you are not so technical or are pressed for time you will need to enlist the help of a Blog Site developer who can get you a professional business blog up and running fairly quickly, once in place you have your very own soap box to communicate with the world.

This period of getting yourself registered, downloading useful applications and generally getting set up can take a month or two depending on the amount of time you have.

Why do you need a Blog? This is beyond the scope of this article, but it is like your very own website that you can maintain yourself. Blogging regularly will attract visitors and get you into seach engines and improve the chances of making sales either directly from your Blog or from associated websites or referral links.

Step 3

What are you going to sell ? You will have established this in step 1, however now you have something live on the Internet (your blog) from which to make sales from. You can sell other people’s products there are thousands to choose from (related to your niche is best), or you can create an e-book as an expert in your field. e-Books are fantastic way of sharing your knowledge and creating brand YOU. e-books can also be a good revenue stream. Never thought of yourself as an author? don’t worry it’s not as daunting as it first seems!

In this step you need to familarise yourself with Affiliate links, sites such as Clickbank and Paydotcom and possibly get yourself an account with one of the shopping cart companies such as TotalBusinessCart.

Step 4

Ensure that you have the ability to capture peoples names and email addresses. Internet Marketers do this through something called a ‘Squeeze Page’ and the details are registered into your own private online database which you can then email market to!

There are a number of database services out there and some combine shopping carts with facilities to collect names and addresses as well. You will need to learn what is an Autoresponder and how to use this to start building a relationship with your growing list of followers.

It is a fact with any business but especially for Internet marketers that your business is valued by the size of your list (contacts). If you do one part of internet marketing exceptionally well, make sure it is collecting names!

We will continue with Steps 5-7 next week….Thanks Chris!

More information on how to turn your Internet Marketing into a process can be found at IPS-Freedom on

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