Chris Ogle’s Internet Marketing Journey – Part 2

chrisogle2.pngAs I said last week, looking back to the 26th or so of April 2008, when I joined Money Gym Gold Level, I realise that I have come quite a long way in 7 months. At that time I knew almost nothing about Internet Marketing except rumours that people were making quite a lot of money from this new phenomena.

It is also a twist of irony that I run a business which is pretty much entirely web based and that even with this knowledge somehow I had managed to remain fairly naive about what was going on.

True to my character however once I realised that this was something I needed to understand, I set about becoming a guru in 6 months, not perhaps adept at everything but at least a good understanding of what Internet Marketing was and how it all fits together.

I still remain a relative ‘newbie’ to the Internet Marketing scene and so I have not lost sight of the difficulties that I had trying to grasp the whole concept at the outset. The sheer volume of information and different sources of ‘Must-Have’ knowledge is very daunting when starting out. This article can perhaps serve as a small guide for those now embarking on the same journey that I’ve been on, and maybe speed up the process and shortcut the learning curve a little.

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that you can’t tackle everything from day 1! There is a logical sequence to building an Internet Business just it is so difficult work it out on your own with information flying at you from all angles. There is stuff you just have to know straight away and other things that can come on stream as your business and understanding develops. So I have put together 7 simple steps that help to break down the whole thing into a manageable process anyone can follow.

Steps 1-4 were covered last week, view them here >>

Step 5

We have at this stage pretty much built the bedrock for your Internet Marketing business. At step 5 we need to start actually marketing what we do.

This is done through a number of techniques, regular blogging, social networking, twittering, Article submission, joining Forums (relating to your business), commenting on other peoples blogs and posts, Press Releases and regular ezines or newsletters to your database list.

This process is ongoing and the more you do the better the results. It is all about little and often rather than big blasts once a week. The great thing about Internet marketing is that none of your effort is ever wasted, what you did this week goes into next week and then into the week after compounding your results. Once we start getting our traffic, names should start filling up our database!

Step 6

Monitor your results. One of the most important things about Internet Marketing is to be able to find out what is working and what is not working. Now we are starting to generate traffic we should be analysing the results.

More learning here I’m afraid, Feedburner, Google analytics and Ad-Tracking will all help you to see which links are working for you and those that are underperforming. Armed with this information we can now begin to put in some changes and improve our performance, honing what we do to maximise our return.

Step 7

Keep up to date! As you become more confident with Internet marketing and everything starts to become second nature, keep your ears and eyes close to the ground. Internet Marketing is constantly evolving and new ideas and concepts emerge almost daily.

Start to explore related activities or Joint Venture opportunities, why not work with others and pool your database lists to reach a larger audience?

Why not look at membership sites and how you might use these to generate an ongoing revenue stream, the opportunities are almost endless.

There is no doubt that Internet Marketing is exciting. The people who operate Internet Marketing businesses have an abundance mentality and are enthusiastic bunch. Everyone is keen to promote their own and other Internet Marketers products and it is easy to get sidetracked onto the next best thing.


In conclusion you need to have a plan and work your plan.

Don’t get sidetracked or lose focus on your project and your priorities. If something new emerges, make a note of it, understand what it is, assess it’s relevance, keep it safe and position it within your plan. These things won’t go away, the great deal will still be there when you get around to it, and you’ll get where you want to go more quickly by keeping focussed.

More information on how to turn your Internet Marketing into a process can be found at IPS-Freedom on


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