How to Create Content that Engages and Converts


As a longtime and prolific creator of content myself, from back before the times when blogging in its current form even existed, I sometimes wonder what impact my content has on my readers. Once upon a time you could tell, because your readers would comment under the blog post, and there are still some blogs… Read more

Day 28 | Making Money From Blogging Duel | Connecting With Other Bloggers

In Day 28 of his 30 Day Create A Blog Plan, Michael Dunlop shares his thoughts on connecting with, and interviewing other bloggers.  I used to do this a lot more and for your enjoyment I’ve inserted a lovely interview I did with Martin Avis from Kickstart Monthly and Kickstart PLR, his private label article… Read more

Day 27 | Making Money From Blogging Duel | Connecting With Readers

Well, I’m not so much racing towards the end of Michael Dunlop’s 30 Day “Create A Blog” plan, as limping towards the finish line! A combination of a bad cold and cough, Christmas, the New Year, trying to get my head together about 2011 and what I was going to focus on, all conspired to… Read more