New Year – Brilliant Thoughts

I love New Year and New Year Resolutions.  September is also good for new starts, but New Year is the best.  Not only do you have spring to look forward to, but there is a whole week between Christmas and New Year (if you are lucky enough not to work for anyone else) to get bored, think about stuff and make lists.

I subscribe to a lot of ezines and the “New Year, New Start” themes are beginning to emerge.  I thought I would share the best of them with you, this year.

First up, the ever erudite Martin Avis from Kickstart Daily.  Follow Martin on Twitter at “martinavis”

“All in all, I’m very pleased with my own progress in 2008 and although I haven’t ticked every box as I’d have hoped, I knowthat I took action and moved myself forward in many ways.

And that’s the way I’d urge you to see things: lack of successisn’t failure provided that you have moved on from where youwere. Lack of success is just a resting point on the journey. Solong as you continue to travel, and know in your heart that youare progressing, your resolutions are still in the process ofcoming true.

Failure is when you have allowed the hope of achieving your dream to die”

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  • New Year!
    So much fresh hope and good resolutions. Then the glitz of celebration and good intentions turns into a dreary day by day slog. Luckily for me I’ve learned to turn every day into a new day with new beginnings. The trick is to keep those dreams and visions alive in your cerebral area!