“The Business Success Factory” Book Launch Hangout

We had a blast at the book launch Hangout last night with my special guests sharing some great wisdom on the call. See under the video for the details of the very special, numbers limited offers I make in the Hangout.   Details Of Offers Offer #1 If you are one of the first 20… Read more

Internet Marketers Cruise | Day 9 | Masterminding At Sea


Day 9 of my Internet Marketers Cruise trip and Grand Turk yesterday and for me, while it looked amazing from the balcony of my cabin, it was a bit of a disappointment after the natural beauty of St Thomas. It’s apparently a military installation with a man made mini-resort called Margaritaville, owned by Carnival, and… Read more

Internet Marketers Cruise | Day 7 | St Thomas & San Juan

Megan Beach, St Thomas, BVA

Day 7 of the Internet Marketers Cruise trip and I’m at that point where the holiday no longer seems like it’s stretching off forever (boo hoo!) Yesterday some of the boys went jetskiing and I went on my planned bus tour, while Minesh went to the Ritz with a couple of his buddies. The tour… Read more

Interenet Marketers Cruise | Day 2 | Miami South Beach


I woke up at 5.45 having gone to bed at 11.30 on Day Two of my “holiday” on the Internet Marketers Cruise yesterday and it was a full one.    I have some great photos but if I take them on my phone, I’m  not sure how to upload them to somewhere my iPad can… Read more

Internet Marketers Cruise 2014 | Day 1 | Travelling & Eden Roc Views


We managed to lose one of our travelling companions before 7am had even passed, by dint of an out of date ESTA application. Ironic as he was the one who, only the day before had been chivvying us all to complete our various checkins, etc. Pete’s face, when told he would not be getting on… Read more

Where Do You Work? Why Multiple ‘Offices’ Are The Next Productivity Hack

I’ve worked from home since 1995 when my daughter Phoebe was born, with a fairly brief sojourn in an office above an antiques centre in Mayfair and another – mercifully brief – stint over an Estate Agency in Crawley. I love working from home, saving over 2 hours a day NOT travelling, getting most of… Read more

The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur

I love James Altucher’s blog and was intrigued to see if I could get to the end of this blog post about the rules for being an entrepreneur before my ADD kicked in – and I did!  He says… If you Google “entrepreneur” you get a lot of mindless cliches like “Think Big!” For me,… Read more