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Author, speaker and self-taught entrepreneur Nicola Cairncross has been making money and marketing real world businesses online since 1995, including a house music label, boutique hotel, vintage cafe, a jazz album and an empty room in Mayfair, not to mention her own "The Money Gym" and "How To Market ANY Business Online" books & programmes.

Now, with co-founder Neil Asher, Nicola is COO of ROARlocal, bringing online marketing strategy & implementation to businesses as diverse as private banks, business mentoring, property investors, fertility, clutter clearing, career & cement specialists and dating gurus.

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The Books

Although a voracious reader, Nicola's writing career got off to a not-very-auspicious start of having to pay to take her two English O'levels because the teacher didn't think she'd pass (she did, with A's).

However, Nicola has always loved to write and back in 1998/1999 started a text-only ezine, mailed out to a small but fast growing subscriber list, once a week, mainly to keep herself accountable in her journey to find out how to be more successful.

Now Nicola finds herself the author of No 1 Amazon Best-seller "The Business Success Factory" in addition to "The Money Gym, with a third on the way and plans for a fourth. She also loves to blog which she does mainly on The Business Success Factory nowadays.

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The Projects

The Money Gym

Often described by Nicola as her original "life's work", grew out of a burning desire to figure out what makes some people "good with money" and why some people, no matter how hard they work, stay poor. Nicola started to learn about the psychology of wealth, how money actually works and gathered some amazing multi-millionaire mentors. She shared what she was learning with her website visitors and mailing list subscribers and, before she scaled back activities in 2010, to focus on Internet Marketing, The Money Gym had grown to be one of the foremost providers of wealth creation education and mentoring in the UK and Europe.

The Business Success Factory

Started in January 2010 when Nicola realised that she wanted to mentor people on how to make money online specifically. From a standing start, Nicola built The Internet Marketing Bootcamp with membership levels to suit every budget but centred around video tuition and Q&A / Mastermind calls. As a result of working with many different businesses, Nicola developed her proprietary internet marketing mentoring system now known as "The Perfect Online Business Plan" and wrote her book "How To Market ANY Business Online" being published January 2014.


Was founded in June 2012 when Nicola and Neil Asher realised that there was nobody delivering internet marketing services to real-world businesses, who actually had direct experience of making money selling products and services online. They could see there was a gap in the market for a boutique digital marketing agency, taking on just one client in any market sector, offering an end to end "strategy to implementation" service.

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Nicola Cairncross is an experienced speaker who specialises in Business Startup, Internet Marketing, Wealth Creation & Entrepreneurialism. She has spoken for the Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants (Annual Conference) where she was voted 4th Best Speaker (out of 19), Barclays Bank, Business Scene, Institute of Directors, Visa International Plc, Pampers iVillage, National VA Awards Ceremony and for many other corporate organisations.

She is the only British Female Internet Marketer asked to speak twice at the World Internet Summit, with Brett McFall, Tom Hua, Armand Morin, Mike Stewart, Sean Roach, Ewan Chia etc.

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